Contrary to what modern life seems to tell us, we can be both happy and successful.  It is possible to awaken each morning looking forward to life, and to embrace each moment no matter how challenging.  Remember that everything you do or create begins with YOU, so your well-being matters!  After living countless years thinking that ‘after I reached xyz milestone I would be happy’, I have come to know that we can be joyful, peaceful and healthy no matter what the circumstances..  If you are willing to open yourself to this possibility, I can show you how to create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.


I can help you:

Find joy in what you do
Reduce or eliminate your stress
Create connection through service
Understand yourself
Heal unresolved blocks
Rediscover health and flow
Embody confidence and courage



"I am a better person, a better leader, and just plain happier than any time in my life.”

Garr Larson
President, Dogeared
Executive Founder, Hot Topic

“His careful challenges and thoughtful probing helped me to reach deep within in myself and begin to make fundamental changes. Changes that required rewiring and repair.”

Chris Donahue
Paulist Productions

“Without KC’s ability to understand my make-up, tap into my strengths, and identify and improve my weaknesses, I would not be where I am today.

Ed Skolarus
Vice President
Fox Reality Television


Client Archetypes

Over the past 15 years and through thousands of hours of coaching, I have worked with just about every type of leader imaginable. Rather than sharing specifics (for privacy reasons), I have created some basic ‘archetypes’ that may help you see how we could work together. Each archetype may not be an actual client, but a compilation of a number of clients.


The Stress Case


A highly successful television producer in his 50’s who is suffering from severe health issues due to chronic stress. Even with all his successes, this client cannot seem to find satisfaction in anything he does.  ‘Work’ has become a treadmill where each project must be better than the last, and it is no longer fun. He wakes each night at 3 am with his heart pounding as he thinks of things he forgot and conversations that angered him. I work with him to identify the drivers behind his stress and teach him how to bring back the joy of creation. Over time he ceases to see what he does as ‘work’, and becomes more creative and peaceful than ever..

The Isolated CEO


A very accomplished business professional with many years of leadership experience who needs a confidant who understands his world.  Although surrounded by competent and good people, he rarely feels he can open up to them for fear of playing favorites or spreading rumors.  In short, he needs someone with whom he can share his frustrations, worries and, importantly, his victories.  In our time together we talk about the deeper things that vex him, and I offer outside insights that help him navigate more objectively. I help him see that he is not alone – that he has someone to talk to who is focused on his success and well-being. 

The Fractious Partners


A small private company with two founding partners who are finding it increasingly difficult to work together.  In the beginning they were best friends, but now they can’t stand to be around each other. Communication is poor at best, and the team is suffering from it. It is almost impossible to craft a clear vision or strategy as the partners seem bent on disagreeing about virtually all important decisions.  I work with them to get to the root of the conflict and to communicate openly and respectfully. As their connection improves, I help them establish a working relationship where their differences are assets rather than distractions.


The Blocked Achiever


An extremely intelligent and successful executive whose past childhood trauma has blocked her from moving beyond a self-imposed ‘upper limit’ of happiness. She works hard, is respected by all those around her, and yet nothing seems to bring her joy.  More, she has noticed how her career has stalled due to self-destructive behaviors stemming from a persistent dread about the future. I help her unpack the past trauma, accept and forgive herself, and then move into a place of possibility rather than anxiety. As a result she has vaulted previous barriers and is now creating success in a way she never before imagined.


Relevant Background

The past 53 years have been a profound learning experience for me.  From about age 7 onward, I felt a very strong internal pressure to ‘succeed’.  This pressure pushed me forward, but it also took a huge toll when I reached my 40’s.  I started showing the physical symptoms of stress and the mental disconnection that comes with meaningless work.  After a breakdown of sorts, I embarked on a 10-year journey of self-examination, meditation, reading and counseling.  I have read hundreds of books on psychology, science, sociology, human dynamics, spirituality and religion.  I have also earned a MA in Spiritual Psychology which was, by far, one of the most impactful experiences of my life.  I bring what I have learned from this journey to my coaching practice, such that my clients might more efficiently accelerate their own realizations.


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