I have developed a coaching methodology that complements and accelerates the natural human growth process. Most of my clients are not aware I am using a methodology at all because it fits so seamlessly with the way they naturally learn. 

Specifically, I approach my work in three steps. First I help you become AWARE of something you want to change or improve in your life. You will see things you like or don't like, habits that are helpful or hurtful, images or stories in your life that push you forward or hold you back. Then I ask you to INTEND, or choose, what you want to keep, release or encourage. In short, I show you how to direct your life path. Last, I support you in realizing your intentions through ACTION. Your actions will not need to be large, they simply must clearly support your intentions. As you act in the world you will then receive feedback, which will bring you more awareness about what you want/don't want...and the cycle starts anew. Put simply, my job is to encourage you to repeat this cycle over and over, resulting in an upward and accelerated spiral of growth.

As you will notice in the graphic, there is no upper limit to this process. You can become more powerful, resonant and joyful that you ever imagined. All you need to do is believe in yourself and persistently work the process.


While each client is unique, I tend to group my work into four basic categories. I list them in order of intensity, with the first being the least time/process intensive and the fourth the most (pricing generally increases with time/process intensity, as do the results you will see). For all potential clients I offer a free 1-hour introductory call where we will determine which package and pricing makes sense for you. 



60 minute calls
As needed

An ad-hoc arrangement where we talk about anything from business strategy to personal stress level. I generally encourage this arrangement only if you have a very specific need and we have already worked together for at least 6 months. The frequency of calls depends on the need or project.



60 minute calls
Every two weeks

An entry level package for people who want ongoing career or life coaching. We explore challenges and opportunities you are facing, develop a plan for growth, and talk about any fear or resistance you encounter. As you become more successful, we celebrate your accomplishments and make sure that you are fully enjoying your prosperity. 

All sessions are by phone, and there may or may not be assignments between meetings (depending on our determination). I make myself available between meetings via email and/or short calls (5-10 min) for ongoing support.


90 minute calls
Every two weeks

A structured, guided process for leaders and entrepreneurs. For leaders it involves a self-assessment, regular reading and assignments, action steps and improvement milestones. For entrepreneurs this package involves business planning, fund-raising, hiring, marketing and operations. In both cases I will guide you in stress reduction, health improvement and any emotion-related issues that arise.

There are two areas of work in this package: The 'doing' and the 'being'. The first involves learning technical skills, knowledge and practices, while the second involves self-management and personal experience. Both are equally important and will be addressed as needed. I also make myself available for 10-20 minutes between calls for support.



Full day in person
Once a month

By far the most impactful program I offer, this package includes one full-day, in-person session per month at my office in either Park City, Utah or Manhattan Beach, California.

This offering is highly immersive and requires complete dedication from the client. In each session we will deeply explore self-awareness, intentionality, action planning, communication, leadership, health and self-inspiration. Some of the work will be done indoors, but much of it will include outdoor activities such as sitting on the beach, walking, hiking, biking, or just talking on a mountaintop. The goal of this program is nothing short of REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in the way you live your life and lead your career.

I work with a very limited number of people at this level, and schedule the day on a Friday or Monday so that (if applicable) you can bring a significant other for the weekend.  You will be assisted in hotel arrangements and logistics as necessary.


Sample Engagements

Below are a few examples of my past consulting work, in addition to one-on-one coaching:

  • Team facilitation

  • Off-site development

  • Leadership training

  • Public speaker training

  • Strategy development

  • Organizational design

  • Culture development

  • Communication workshops

  • Dispute mediation


KC is one of the finest listeners, real listeners, I know. And though he has great awareness and knowledge on a myriad of subjects his humility and knack for self-deprecation inspires those who possess less of those traits to confide in him. He's as bright and insightful as they come.

Jim Staples
CEO, Orbridge