No matter how successful or powerful you are as a leader, you can always become more resonant and effective. There is no 'upper limit' to your ability to influence others. People such as Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa changed the world and influenced millions of people through the force of their personalities. And then there are the saints and sages such as Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna and Lao Tsu who in their lifetimes (and beyond) led billions of people over thousands of years. These people are not outliers!  Every one of us has the ability to reach these heights! It doesn't matter if you are gregarious and outgoing or quiet and have an inherent leadership style that is resonant, powerful and, most importantly, natural. I will help you find and embody YOUR style in a way that is fun and life-changing. You simply need to have the humility to let go of your ego, and the courage to push your own boundaries.


I can help you:

Find and embody your natural leadership style
Enhance your leadership power
Inspire the people in your life
Connect deeply with others
Develop and encourage new leaders
Listen with power and effect
Find meaning and purpose through leadership



“The skills I learned and wisdom I’ve gleaned from KC has helped me be a better business leader.”

Merlin Clarke
Owner/Head of Happenings
Dogeared Inc.

“The mantra: manage people and tasks will be taken care of - helped us build a strong, committed, and productive team.”

Yoichi Yamamoto
Senior Director of Engineering
Tandberg Television

“KC helped me understand my strengths and hone my talents before I entered the role of CEO for the first time.”

Eric Conley
Mixed Signals Inc.

Client Archetypes

Over the past 15 years I have worked with many types of leaders. Rather than sharing specifics (for privacy reasons), here are some ‘archetypes’ that may help you see how we could work together. Each archetype is not an actual client, but a compilation of a number of clients.


The Noble Leader


A senior executive in his late-40’s who, after many successes in his life, wants to take his leadership to the next level. He is less focused on money than he used to be, simply because he has already made as much as he can use and knows it is a shallow goal.  He wants to find meaning in his work, and to lead with inspiration rather than perspiration.

The Tech Genius


A brilliant Chief of Engineering for a mid-sized technology company who struggles with leading and managing people. Although he is very detail-oriented and a brilliant all-around technologist, he can be insensitive or brusque when working with struggling team members. He understands his issues, and genuinely wants to improve his ‘people skills’. I work with him on deepening his self-awareness and understanding his impact on those around him. We also focus inspirational speaking and overall communication skills. 

The Struggling Team


An executive team of a public company having trouble communicating and organizing their activities. There are unaddressed personality conflicts that are blocking open communication, and a disconnect between the CEO and the team. I work with the CEO first in order to develop a clear leadership style and message, and then work with the team to resolve interpersonal conflicts and to create a common vision. When working with teams, I always work through the leader in order to create a lasting solution.


The Quiet Leader


A high-school principal in her mid-30s who is fantastic at what she does and yet has a challenge with classic leadership tasks such as inspiring others, managing conflict and authentic expression. She is a strong introvert who finds the extroverted leadership style stressful and wearing. I help her see that there are many ways to express her power, and guide her as she develops an effective leadership style consistent with who she is. In the process she has become a resonant leader who is transforming her organization through quiet persistence.

The Isolated CEO


A very accomplished business professional with many years of leadership experience who needs a confidant that understands his world. Although surrounded by competent and good people, he rarely feels he can open up to them for fear of playing favorites or spreading rumors. In short, he needs someone with whom he can share his frustrations, worries and, importantly, his victories. In our time together we talk about the deeper things that vex him, and I offer outside insights that help him navigate more objectively. I help him see that he is not alone – that he has someone to talk to who is focused on his success and well-being.


Relevant Background

One of the things that differentiates me from most consultants is that I have ‘been there’ both experientially and educationally. When coaching I draw upon not only my experience as co-founder, COO and CTO of a technology company, but also my long history of consulting to a wide variety of industries. I have led teams and worked with senior leaders in telecommunications, finance, politics, hospitality, entertainment, law, publishing, consulting, start-ups, medicine, and a host of others.  This experience gives me the ability to relate to clients on many levels.

My educational background:

  • BA, Political Science, Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Paralegal Certificate, Institute for Paralegal Training
  • MBA, Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration  (UVA)
  • MS, Management Information Systems, McIntire School of Commerce (UVA)
  • MA, Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
  • Dispute Mediation Certificate, Northwestern University. 

This broad base of knowledge enables me to understand virtually anything a leader might experience in his or her work.


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