The Evolution of An Ordinary Leader
Michael Benson is an upper-level executive at a mid-sized company struggling to find meaning in his career and in his life. He works hard and cares about his team and his family, but he just can’t seem to get ahead of the seemingly endless treadmill of obligations. When his father tells him he is dying, Michael finds himself on a journey of discovery that leads down many paths...ultimately ending in a complete re-evaluation of what it means to be a leader, effective executive and connected family man.

The Evolution of an Ordinary Leader is a story of personal power, designed to help the reader rapidly explore topics that might otherwise take years of study and reflection. Each chapter of this story is filled to the brim with insights and knowledge from thousands of hours of executive coaching, years of leadership experience and hundreds of books on science, psychology and personal growth. To read this book is to get the ‘Cliffs Notes’ on how to be an effective, powerful and happy leader.

The Power of YOU
Compiled from hundreds of sources and thousands of hours of executive coaching, The Power of YOU is a concise overview of the astounding complexity and potential that exists within every human being. In order for anyone to maximize their own power to create in the world, they must first understand and accept that they have unique gifts and abilities that, when accessed, can dramatically influence the fabric of existence. Underlying this truth is the notion that LOVE is the energy behind all creation, so that when we act with love we maximize our power and effect.

Lessons from the Start-Up Trenches
Starting a company is the most exciting, inspiring, daunting, challenging, frustrating, creative and rewarding thing you will ever do. You have the chance to direct your own career, and this is very empowering. Many new Entrepreneurs, however, are forced to learn hard lessons without any guidance - lessons that can make or break a company. K.C. Hildreth is an Entrepreneur and start-up coach who has compiled, from direct experience, 20 of the most important lessons any new Entrepreneur should know before embarking on the start-up journey. If you are starting a company, read this book first! You will not only increase your chances of success, but also save yourself a great deal of time, money and pain.


Fund Your Dreams!
Raising money for your small business, charity, or large project is a process that requires thought and planning, but most importantly heart. With over 30 years fundraising experience, the author shows you how to prepare your pitch, appeal to the hearts of your listeners, and negotiate with investors. The funds you need are available right now! Your job is to plan, prepare and make a resonant connection with the people who can help.

Supercharge Your Startup!
If you are thinking of starting a company or are looking to re-focus your existing small business, this is the book for you. In 5 easy steps you will learn to focus your vision, hone your plan, and build a powerful yet simple financial model. Starting and running a company need not be complicated! This book shows you how.`

Living Into Your Highest Potential
We all have the potential to create success in our lives. Accessing this potential requires harnessing and accelerating the growth process that already exists inside of every living being. This book teaches you how to do this using the AIA model: Awareness, Intention, and Action. The process is simple, easy to understand, and can be implemented through minor changes to your daily habits. Take the first step today! Your future awaits.


His no-nonsense approach and wealth of familiarity with many techniques, strategies and schools-of-thought, make him an ideal catalyst for dynamic growth for those that are willing to take up the challenge.

Joe Franzetta
Sr. VP, Tandberg Television (Ericsson Group)